Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well, I don't mind agreeing to disagree. It's how the world works and goes on. Unless you are one of those people who disagrees even with your agreeing...maybe that's how we end up with worldwide wars. I don't know.

I don't mean to brag, but Lauren and I were at church last night setting up for the week's activities and watched American Idol on the big screen with the projector and huge surround sound. It's a completely different show at that level!

We were a little stunned that the show was only an hour. I guess I didn't read my TV guide close enough to see that it was supposed to get done at 8:00. We watched Adam, but I don't know...I like him and think he will win, but I didn't think last night was my favorite. I like it when he does crazy stuff, like "The Ring of Fire." I know that everyone knew that was funny and kind of a blow off performance, but I like to look at the arrangements. I think it's great when the singers do them themselves (even tho I know Ring of Fire wasn't Adam's arrangement).

We like Kris Allen too. He is just too nice to get past Adam though. Not that Adam doesn't seem likeable, but Kris is more like someone I would talk to, rather than someone who is already a pop star like Adam.

Allison is growing on me. I don't think she'll go much further, but I really didn't like her at the beginning, but last night's performance was really good...the Bonnie Rait song. We missed Danny Gokey (who's wife died) but his recap clip didn't sound too impressive. And Lauren and I both are ready for Blind Scott to be gone! Sheesh!! He's made it too far already.

That's all I remember from last night. Are you coming up for my Easter cantata? I had the first orchestra rehearsal last week. I'm super stressed about the whole thing, but the rehearsal was really good so that makes it a little bit easier to tolerate.

I'm not really sure if I would do such a big production again (even though in the grand scheme of things, this really isn't THAT big of a production, but since I do everything myself, it seems a little bigger than normal).


  1. Oh, definitely brag about that! AI on the big screen - cool!

    I really like Adam's Ring of Fire, too. Even though I really disliked HIM at that point, I couldn't deny how awesome that performance was. I was actually surprised at how many people hated it!

    I love Kris Allen, too. He's pretty talented and cute/nice/seems like he'd be a good friend to boot.

    Allison is very talented...but it's a little weird that she's so young and sings songs that are, um, mature.

    And yes, Blind Scott better go home tonight.

  2. I forgot to answer you about the Easter program. I wanted to come up, but I found out today that we have a meeting for small group leaders that Sunday morning. And especially after my major nursery FAIL (see my blog for details, if you missed that), I don't feel like we can miss this meeting. I'm sorry!