Monday, March 9, 2009

My first blog

This is it! I've started this blog with the intent of posting it to the new website at the church I work at, Walnut Hills UMC. I'm hoping through the posts on my page I will be able to show what I'm thinking about, what I'm reading, what I'm listening to (not always choral music!) and how all of this shapes the decisions I make for the church.
I think that complete straightforwardness is very important for the church. I hope that anyone who reads this will see that there is so much more to church work than music and a sermon. That the church is a living body and that the music of the church is a vital organ.
Church music has a long history and has become so ingrained into the fabric and tradition of the services and times of worship that we perform. Right now I'm reading a book called Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New Generations by Dan Kimball. I'm so caught up with the fact that "worship" isn't serving those we worship, rather we are being served by those we are supposed to be worshipping.
In this book there is an anology of a service station. I envision the old kind of gas station where you run over the bell with your car and people run out to serve you. You have your tank filled and then drive off. That is how we worship now. I don't want to be so dramatic as to say that I'm yearning or longing for a new kind of worship, but I do WANT a new kind of worship. Sitting in my seat (or on the piano bench) and not feeling engaged doesn't work for me.
How do you change the church? Am I in a good position to lead change? I'm the newest member of the staff at this church. CAN I lead change? I usually am fought when I try to change something, whether that be moving the choral risers to the other side of the room, which causes people to have to "switch sides" or using different music during services - dare I mention the "p" word...PRAISE music?!
I hope that anyone who comes here can see that church music is my passion. I hope that each of you is fulfilled by your spiritual journey. Finally, I hope that the ramblings and musings posted here will give you insight into how much this passion means to me.