Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I appreciate your comments. That's why I write. I like to see what other people are thinking, but, not to toot my own horn, because it's not a huge following, I do have people on Facebook comment about my blog, they just aren't "Followers." I was surprised by that, since they didn't "follow" me so I didn't know who was reading it, but apparently some people are. Mostly church people.

I guess the biggest thing that I want to say, is that, no, this wasn't directed at you personally. I commented on the book because I'm reading it. If I wanted to direct it at you, then I would have said it. I try not to be underhanded, although I know that the underhandedness is another one of those "ingrained" things.

I'm, in fact, glad that you recommended this book. Like I said, that one paragraph threw me off a little because the rest of it is pretty good. I agree with most of it and I'm glad I'm reading it.
What I say about being saved I still stick by. I had been questioning that for a while. I'm sure that's nothing new. I've learned here at this church - whether called a cult or delusional groups of people led by our free-wheelin' liberal pastor - I do believe that the Bible, although a beautifully written tool isn't something to be taken completely literally.

If I say that I'm divinely inspired to write another chapter to the Bible, could that be taken literally? That may be blasphemy to some as I say that, but that's exactly why we believe it...people that lived who knows when were "divinely inspired."

This is a lot of what the book "The Heart of Christianity" by Marcus Borg talks about. No, you won't agree with a lot of it (or most of it), and there are parts I don't agree with, nor understand. Such as the season coming up: Easter.

If we aren't to take the Bible literally, then how are we to believe that our religion, which is founded on the sole belief that Christ rose again from the dead to "save" us all, then how are supposed to believe in the religion at all?

That's one of the questions that I'm willing to ask, and maybe it was my bad writing skills and possibly confusing wording that led you to think that I was saying NOT to question. I think we should question. Like you said, it leads you deeper into your faith, whatever that may be.
And as for the Muslims, and, yes, I'll include the Jews too, I don't get why we are to demonize them. They believe in the same God as we do. Perhaps they don't believe in Jesus as the Christ, but they believe in God through a different path and are on a different journey. Why is that wrong?

The Bible may say that the only way to get to God is through Jesus, and if they don't believe in Jesus, then they can't get to God, but that's exactly why I agree with the Borg book and the theology taught here at this church that the Bible isn't to be taken literally. Are we to demonized Hindus and Buddhists and Taoists and Wickens and any other religion that doesn't agree with us? I think that's why there are "extremists" and holy wars. Where has that gotten us?
And the Moromons...I really don't know anything about them, only that I remember one thing from my friend Chris Gillett at Truman, while trying to defend Mormonism said that they too believe in Jesus and God, but as I understand it, again, through a different path and on a different journey.

Finally, you can't lecture me for assuming such things about what you think or believe in if you are going to assume such things of me. I try not to assume, but I know what I've lived with for 26 years: you and Mom. Although you probably don't see it this way, but I feel that "religion" was crammed down my throat. I don't feel guilty about not attending church for most of my college career, unless I was taking a pay check. I needed a break to question and look inside myself to find whatever it is I'm supposed to find. Maybe it's Jesus...maybe it's God. Maybe it's Buddha or whats-his-name Smith looking into a hat. But whatever I'm supposed to find is for me to find.

And no, I know we don't talk about faith or religion ever because it's "hot button" but I do enjoy talking about this. Like questioning, I think it can make a deep impact on your's and my faiths. (that is a terribly, grammatically wrong sentence, but I'm sure you get the gist.)

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  1. Hmmm. Sounds like we're not going to see eye to eye on these issues for now, and not just because you're tall and I'm...not as tall.

    I think it's great that you want to talk about these things, but I think that for you and me, we need to agree to disagree. Because honestly, I care about you too much to put my desire to prove a point over our relationship.

    Plus I don't really like debating. As we all know.

    That's not to say we can only talk about American Idol (okay, how GOOD was Adam last night?!), cats and the family's latest craziness. Then again...there's certainly lots of material in those subjects... :)