Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not wearing shorts

Have you ever noticed that there are always more people outside when it's warm? You're saying to yourself..."Duh! It's warm, so they want to be outside." This may seem like a stupid observation, but I really don't think we notice how MANY people are outside when it's warm.

I only point this out because today I almost ran into two people on bikes! They weren't anywhere near each other, they were separate incidences. I was on my way to my "other" job, which is playing at a school, and out of nowhere a bicyclist nearly became one with my car hood.

Driving along a little after that, and closer to the school, another person - dressed in their tightest clothes and wearing those fingerless gloves that are all so attractive, as well as bomber sunglasses and a very sleek and pointy helmet - nearly ran into my car as well. I only mention this second person's attire, because unlike the first person, this moving target looked like they should know what they are doing.

Maybe they didn't know what they were doing and just wanted to look cool. There's nothing wrong with that...unless you are planning on getting your self smashed on the roadside!! I shouldn't complain. I should be thankful I didn't hit either person.

I can't help think that both close encounters were perhaps my fault. I wasn't day dreaming, as one can so easily do when driving a familiar course. I was looking ahead of me, but of course both riders came up from the side. I am a bit tired, but that's nothing unusual. I'm tired most days and don't nearly hit random bikers.

Perhaps it wasn't my fault. Perhaps they were day dreaming or not looking ahead. Perhaps they were more tired than me. Although, I will say that streamlined biker seemed to have plenty o' energy. Hmmm... well, like I said, I'm thankful for not hurting anyone and for everyone being alright.

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  1. Well, I'm glad you didn't hit them. This is the same reason I hate seeing kids playing outside when I'm driving. Seems like the kids I drive by NEVER pay attention, and neither do the ADULTS in their company. SO irritating! I had to honk at one kid last week - he was riding his bike in the middle of the street straight at me, and the adults watching him didn't say a word. WHAT???