Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oprah Strikes Again

So after watching an episode of Oprah the other week I got it into my head that my wife and I should try a new thing. I have no idea what the episode was about. Perhaps about saving the planet or something, but really I can't remember.

There was a man on Oprah, through Skype, which she now uses for everything, saying that he and his family have a Meatless Monday. This isn't to lose weight or to become healthier, although they apparently have. It's to make them away of all the food they eat that has meat in it.

So, after a few weeks of thinking about it, I thought, "We could do a meatless Monday thing" and by jove...yesterday we did it. We had Boca burgers for lunch and spaghetti without meat in it for dinner. I was so proud of us. We also went to the Des Moines Botanical Garden and played two rounds of mini golf.

I felt like the latest Nutrigrain commercial: if you haven't seen it, here's a brief description: it shows a person going through their day, eating whatever and drinking soda and going to bed late at night. Until one day they decide (you never see the person's face, only their hands) to have a Nutrigrain bar and their whole day is magically better. They drink more water and go to bed at a better time. They even brush their teeth before turning in.

I think because we were thinking about having a Meatless Monday, then we made better, more active choices throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Meatless Monday wasn't the best thing ever. I wouldn't have leaked it to VH1 for "Best Week Ever" nor would I put this on the top 10 smartest things I've ever done. I added up my calories at the end of the day to see if not eating meat was all that and a bag of chips.


Yep...that's my calorie count for Meatless Monday. That's not rounding. That's the actual number of calories I took in yesterday. Then it hit me like a frozen bean patty...I need to not only cut out meat on Mondays, but also some serious calories. I mean, it takes a lot to keep up this physique...and I definitely shouldn't be proud of that.

If I were rippling and thin, and THAT took a lot to keep up THAT physique...I'd be proud, but I'm not, so I'm not. Oh well. I'll keep trying.

Question: What do you do to easily cut calories?


  1. I drink water instead of pop or tea. And...oh yeah, that's about it. :)

  2. mmeeeaaatttt and poootaaaatoooeeessssss!

  3. Visit the Meatless Monday website for great, healthy recipes - then you can reduce your meat and your calorie intake, and help preserve the envioronment! And watch the Meatless Monday video on youtube! Regina

  4. The man speaking on Oprah was Michael Pollan, an author and professor who encourages people to make more environmentally-friendly eating choices. That’s why he advocates Meatless Monday. Believe it or not meat consumption is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That’s even more than transportation! Even a moderate reduction in how much meat we eat makes a big difference to the environment.

    Cutting back on meat can also improve your health. By skipping meat one day a week you’re reducing your saturated fat intake by 15%, lowering your risk for preventable illnesses like stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Meatless Mondays are a great way to remember to cut back. Not only will a set day keep you on track but, as you and your family found, starting the week off thinking about your health will help you make smarter choices.

    Like you said the key to having a Meatless Monday is to make low calorie, low fat choices. Just because a food is meat-free doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy decision. Try using Meatless Mondays to make sure that you’re getting plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you’re eating enough produce you’ll find that you’re full on fewer calories, plus your body will be grateful for all the nutrients! Also try drinking more water throughout the day. If you need some healthy meal ideas check out the recipe archive on the Meatless Monday website (www.MeatlessMonday.com). Meatless Monday is a non-profit campaign that encourages Americans to skip meat once a week to improve their health. Good luck on your next Meatless Monday!